Tuesday, August 2, 2011


The term ended last week and I'm taking a vacation in Tanzania. Currently I'm in Stone Town on Zanzibar island. I'm enjoying this country a lot. The food here is a delicious mix of coastal, middle eastern, and indian. Plenty of spices and freshly caught fish. The people here are really nice too. I'm learning a little Kiswahili.

We got to Dar Es Salaam on Friday and spent the night. The next morning we took the ferry to Zanzibar and a taxi to Jambiani Beach. Jambiani is a less famous beach, so we spent a quiet couple of days relaxing there and saw some interesting things. The beach is very flat, so that at low tide the water sits in shallow pools for a few hundred meters out. We waded out that way and saw some very interesting Indian Ocean creatures. Near where the shelf drops off, we saw many women putting sticks into the sand and tying strings between the sticks. When we got closer we realized that they were farming. They tie a rope between two submerged sticks and tie seaweed along the rope. Everywhere in Jambiani town you can see seaweed laying out in the sun to dry. When we asked about eating some, we were told that people here don't really know how to cook it, except maybe in Stone Town. It's mainly an export to asian countries.

Soon we will go to the more famous northern beach of Zanzibar Island and take a "spice tour." Then back to the mainland to see Harry Potter and get haircuts. Pictures are coming when I get a chance.

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