Friday, February 11, 2011

On Realizing It's Been Almost a Month...

Time is passing quickly. There are so many things I have wanted to write about in the past weeks, but for now I'll just give some bullet points:

I am teaching English in S2. I think this is the equivalent of 7th grade, but because families have to find a way to pay for a child's schooling on a yearly basis, there is a wide range of ages in the classroom. One English teacher has been ill for the past few weeks and may be so for a few weeks more, so I have taken on some extra hours.

There is a large hospital in town and they are beginning their own English program for doctors and nurses. I won't start any secondary activities for another two months or so, but when I do it is possible I can help with this program.

Students in other schools in the area are interested in speaking to me too. Hopefully I will be able to get some after-school English clubs started soon. It's normal for students to go back to classes after hours to study by themselves (it's either that or do chores). Since they're already there, it'd be easy to work something like this out.

My boss, Mary Abrams, came to visit me, bringing candy, W-2 forms, and packages from home. Thank you for sending me things!

My house situation has solidified and I am living with eight Rwandan teachers, mostly my age. I am integrating well and have made many friends here.

Cyamudongo forest is near my house. I plan to go visit soon.

A friend, Musafir, will be getting married soon. He invited me to a small gathering where the affianced formally declare their intention to get married and I will be going to the wedding, which is on an island!

That's all I can think of for now. Hope to update more frequently once I get myself a little more organized.

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