Saturday, January 1, 2011

Merry Christmas, Happy New Years

This last week has been a fairly excited one. Holidays aside, we are swearing in soon. Our training activities have ended and we are now preparing to depart for Kigali tomorrow. On the 3rd, we will swear in and then begin moving to our sites. Some volunteers will go to site directly from Kigali, some will return to Nyanza for one or two days and then go to site from Nyanza. I am in the group returning to Nyanza, so I will be moving out on the 5th.

Yesterday was New Years. I went to Butare to buy some supplies to prepare for site. I ended up only buying some non-perishable food, but it was fun to spend some time in a different city. I returned to Nyanza and went to a small party, which Peace Corps organized, at a hotel.

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