Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Nyungwe Park

Last Sunday we went to Nyungwe Forest. The trip was optional and we paid for it ourselves (excepting transportation), but most went. We split into two groups. The first went to see the forest canopy and the second, the group I was in, went on a slightly longer hike. I saw a few monkeys there-- black with a white band around their necks. And there was a baboon on the side of the road by the park's entrance. Unfortunately, I took no pictures. Midway through our hike, a large cloud rolled over the mountainside and began to pour down rain and, to our surprise, hail. It was a pleasant surprise (owing to my bringing a raincoat), to see some form of icy precipitation this close to Christmas.

As for Christmas, the Peace Corps Trainees plan to celebrate with a game called White Elephant. In this game, everyone brings a small gift. Then, lots are drawn for the order in which people may choose presents. After the first person chooses a present, later choosers have the option of taking a present from the heap, or swapping for someone else's present. We also have a Christmas talent show, of which I will get some video.

Model school is over and we are preparing to swear in thirteen days from now.

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