Thursday, November 18, 2010

Site Visit

This week I am visiting the site where I will be serving upon completion of my training. I previously thought I would be in Bugarama, which is a rainy and densely forested area. I am actually in a city called Mibirizi, which is at a higher altitude (~1700m), cooler, and less buggy. The Rusizi River, which runs between the DRC and Rwanda, provides electricity to power the town. There are tiny fish that come from Lake Kivu that taste like anchovies.

The school I will teach at, Mary Queen School Complex, is a Catholic day school that teaches at the primary and secondary levels. The school is in the process of making huge renovations and expansions. In addition, the school will be receiving laptops. Teachers I've met here are very positive and generally excited to practice English with a native speaker.


  1. Anchovies! like in the Futurama episode.... :)

  2. dear ian, your last post was almost a month ago. the world is wondering where you are and how your teaching experience is going. you should definitely talk about model school.
    and me.
    because i'm awesome. ;)

    enjoy your last week! cya after swear in!