Friday, November 12, 2010

Site Placement

There is a lot of news, so I'm going to try to address everything briefly and follow up in more detail later:

One of my roommates got a modem. This greatly increases my ability to use the internet. I will probably end up getting one too once I get to site.

Last Saturday I went to a wedding. I hope to have a full blog post about Rwandan weddings soon, but I am putting it off for now because I am going to another wedding this Sunday.

Yesterday, I learned the location of the site in which I will be serving for the next two years. I will be in the Western Province in the district Rusizi. I believe the town is Bugarama, but I am not sure of this. The area is of a fairly low altitude for Rwanda, approximately 1500 ft. Because of this, it is much hotter and wetter. Actually, it is a rain forest. Rusizi district is the biggest producer of rice in Rwanda due to the frequent rains. Touching Lake Kivu, the district is also known for tiny fish. I will share the district with one other current Peace Corps Trainee and possibly some current Peace Corps Volunteers. I am serving in a school called Mary Queen School Complex. I'm pretty sure this is a Catholic school, though whether it is primary or secondary level, boarding or day school, I do not yet know. On Monday I will leave Nyanza to visit my site for a week, meet the headmaster and local officials, and learn about the town. My Kinyarwanda is coming along pretty well. I'm am both nervous and excited to be partially in charge of my own affairs in Rwanda for the first time.

That's it for now. Thank you everyone for reading. Hopefully with my increased internet access I will be able to give a more detailed update as I learn more about the coming week.

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  1. That's great dear. I hope you like your assigned place. Take some pictures! Love Connie